ShowBombing! Denver’s urban jungle????


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Please enjoy Extinction, Evolve? the live showbomb in the heart of Denver’s thickest and most dangerous urban jungle.


Westword magazine interview : Behind the Maze

    Extinction or Evolve? Maze by Warren Stokes

My first Westword interview

I’m proud to announce my second Westword magazine interview!

I finished “Extinction, Evolve?” This weekend and cannot wait to share with you! I’ve postponed release due to a magazine interview with the Westword publication in Denver.

Im not sure if my interview will be online or in print. So I will wait to publish the official show and image.

The show will feature a total of 6 pieces and story. Stay tuned for interview and show update.

Behind the Maze: Big ass maze update

Extinction Evolve? Maze by Warren Stokes

I decided to share one more update before I complete the work. In addition to the size this piece has challenged many of the maze skills I’ve practiced over the years.

As you can see I put an elephant into the maze itself. This technique alone took my years to figure out how to make work with maze and subject.

Stay tuned “Extinction Evolve?” Coming soon to an art show on your phone, tablet or however your reading this!


Behind the Maze: That is a big Ass maze!

(One man’s trash another man’s masterpiece! My youngest also an artist)

Weekly I will be posting updates of my current projects! And I’m excited to announce that I will be doing video!

A few months ago I found 3 of these 4×4 wood pallet frames (or a centimeter short why they were in the trash thanks for not checking your work!!!)

Drawing with a leg in a knee brace is not as easy as one might think!

I started the piece while laying around, I mean healing!!! I had no clue what I wanted to do I just wanted something to do so i started my biggest maze to date!

(Quick progress but still no idea what?)

At this point I was 24 hours into the project with a maze but no subject! With about 12 hours of drawing time my knee wasn’t the only thing sore. I laid down on the studio floor and passed out looking at it!

The piece loosely titled “Evolve Extinction?”  has since then developed a character and story. The scheduled release date is this Friday for my new Mazing Friday Art Release! Next Monday I’ll share more photos and share my story behind the piece.