Comic Strip

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3 comic strips from artist Warren Stokes.  Meet each character at the links below.

Sideline Daddy: Have you ever been to a youth sporting event and heard one of the parents screaming, complaining, cussing and just plain embarrassing themselves? Sideline Daddy is one of the crudest sports parents you will ever meet!  With no regard for who is around this comic is intended for adults!


Those Seats: Imagine if the seats in Major sports could talk about the games what do you think they would say?  Well Those Seats give their two cents worth discussing sports most anticipated games and athletes.


Professor Coach: A teacher and coach.  This character has always wanted to be a professor and a coach and is neither. He’s a high school substitute teacher. Taking his job a bit too seriously Professor Coach will have you laughing your a** off at his take on the youth of today.