Free Art

If your reading this page there is a good chance we have met or I’ve met someone close to you! A few years ago I printed up 5000 postcards of Elephricka my favorite piece to date. My mission was to give them away as gifts to inspire others to overcome the maze of their life to create something beautiful. So everyday I’ve committed time toward sharing my art through gift by hand or sometimes I just drop it off at a door!

The Story of Elephricka (19×13 pencil & ink/ dresser drawer bottom)

Elephricka was born in an alley in East Denver! A certified dumpster diver I found Elepricka and relieved it of its old past (broke the drawer leaving the bottom) and challenged myself to draw a picture I had recently found of two elephants face to face. I started with the elephant on the right big and happy. Only to realize I ran out of space to make the picture work. I was angry and almost destroyed it.

Obviously I finished the piece! Or as I like to call it a beautiful mistake! My courage to keep going and finish the piece in spite of what I had projected ended up being better than I could have imagined! This piece has been responsible for me getting multiple interviews, art journals, shows and magazine reviews.  And when I think to how close I was to destroying it!