Show Bombing at the Capitol

    Denver Capital Warren Stokes photo by Andrew Guardia

I’m sharing photos of a show I did Friday in the park by the Capital building.

Because my art hasn’t been taken seriously by art industry and Denver’s system of pimping artists to pay to be show work Ive decided to take my art directly to the streets.

Showbombing 1 Warren Stokes photo by Andrew Guardia

My goal is to go out weekly and share my work, give out free art kits to youth and visually inspire my community!

Special shout out to Andrew Guardia for taking the photos! And to all my brothers and sisters of Denver and the world that viewed my art, shared opinions and the positive feedback!




I’m proud to announce that for the fourth straight year I will be hosting free art classes for the youth of Denver at the Eloise May Library.  This year’s theme will be Grow to be: Dream Reality and I hope to take it to the next level.

This year I’m looking for a little financial help to advertise the program, purchase supplies and give a free art kit to each participant. I look to give each student a sketchbook, colored pencil set, sharpener, and any other cool swag I can secure from companies.  To Support I’m offering $25 8×11 limited edition prints of

maze 378 001

“Belief Creates” piece I did for last years theme. If you can support please fill out the form.