Inktober Bottle Practice makes better

Bottle by Warren Stokes

This sketch was fun using the pattern I’ve begun to fall in love with. I feel like my ink skills improved significantly from when I started. Not so much in drawing as much as losing the fear of drawing in pen without sketching in pencil first.



Inktober CLock

Inktober sketch Clock

Sorry to still share the inktober art practice with you. I’m in the process of creating a full time posting schedule to show are and exhibitions and gearing up. A few more days and we are back to Mazing art! I attempted to make a clock out of marbles but it didn’t turn out how I saw it.


inktober #10 Flowing 1,2,3,4 11, 12

Inktober #10 Flowing by Warren Stokes

If you watched seaseme street you will see the marbles rolling down the path to the count of 12. I used to love that cartoon showing the pin ball game and counting.  And I’ve always loved and been inspired by marbles! Playing with them as a child, teaching my sons how to shoot, has provided motivation to now draw and paint them. Its unfortunate that I didn’t scan in color so you ca see the diversity in the marbles. I will continue to draw marbles and planets to see what Mazing art I can create.