Mazing Motivation: Ants don’t know it’s Saturday

Maze 11 by Warren Stokes

This morning I went for a walk and thought about the tasks I will accomplish next week. On the way home I noticed a thousand ants gathered, working and building. It appears that ants don’t take days off from reaching their goals. The early highly coordinated machine was up and working towards their common goal as though tomorrow wasn’t promised. Very inspiring and definitely a lesson I needed to learn.


Mazing Motivation: Fear what monsters have you created?


                  Maze #57 by Warren Stokes


False Evidence Appearing Real (Fear)

Happy Friday! I chose this acronym today after hearing it on a video about motivation. It was mind blowing to hear that fear can only be found in your mind and is created out of our imagination.

What monsters have you been fearing up in your life’s maze?

World Cup Maze Uruguay

World Cup Maze Uruguay by Warren Stokes

The flag of Uruguay was motivation to try a game scene with a major symbol on the flag.  I loved the challenge of continuing the maze without taking from the sun. I have a few more country mazes in the coming days. Enjoy the art and play the maze. Maze rules are simple! Find a for starting point on the maze. Using a toothpick navigate to a for the win! If you hit a dead-end start over at the beginning S. Enjoy!