Mazing Motivation

Mazing sketches by Warren Stokes

Enjoy your weekend!



Mazing Kentucky Derby by Warren Stokes


I started drawing maze art in 08. That year started a 10 year trend of bigger life challenges that at the time seemed impossible to overcome.  My sons kept me from giving up and the mazes mixed in the art healed me.  Drawing daily I maze out whats on my mind from the alphabet to political issues.

I’ve started creating mazes for the purpose of sharing with others for art therapy! You can play the maze and color the piece and of course send me a copy to post on the site! Inspired by the Kentucky Derby I feel free to print the image, color it!

Mazing Motivation: Practice may not make perfect but definitely a better maze!

Maze 4 by Warren Stokes

This is maze 4 of 700+ and I have to say looking back that practice definitely helps. Although Im impressed with the pieces and the design its was definitely basic to what I’m creating now. The maze was drawn in pencil and traced in sharpie on a 8×11 piece of paper and probably took 3 weeks to complete. In comparison I could draw the same piece with a animal in it in less than an hour!

I never could have gotten to maze 700 without number 4 and I’m grateful and inspired by the journey of haven drawn and developed my mazing style. As well as the art therapy the maze work has provided along the way.

Mazing Motivation

Block It maze by Warren Stokes

“Many of our fears are tissue-paper-thin, and a single courageous step would carry us clear through them.” Brendan Francis

Today I have a career challenge in front of me. I’m nervous and scared about doing it, although I know I’ll be alright. I cant wait to share my courage with you tomorrow!


World Cup Maze Sweden

World Cup Sweden Flag maze by Warren Stokes

Sweden was the first team flag that I feel I started to understand how to use and color the players. Its been motivation to try more and get better. I completed a total of 8. Ive had fun creating each maze. Please enjoy the art and play the maze. Maze rules are simple! Find a for starting point on the maze. Using a toothpick navigate to a for the win! If you hit a dead-end start over at the beginning S. Enjoy!