Inktober #8 Star I am Not a Nigger

Inktober #8 Star by Warren Stokes

This piece was one of the hardest drawings I ever completed.  For those of you who know don’t know Im a substitute teacher.

Well the prompt was star and I drew a star in the middle. I was happily subbing a high school art class ironically and we were all working. A student was on the phone taking a call and I asked him to get off. He said he did but stayed on the phone.

When I asked him again he laid his head dead and ignored me. I tapped him on the shoulder and he screamed “Don’t touch me you dumb ass nigger.” I was blown away and wanted to put hand on him. I walked away, kicked him out (which actually took security because he refused to leave) and began to draw this.

I was angry and kinda of blacked out drawing this piece. I’m proud of this piece because it was what art was meant to do help heal! I can honestly say that the experience has made me question teaching. Wish me luck!


Mazing Motivation Showbombing The Jungles of Denver??

Migration Dukelingtons Parents maze by Warren Stokes

I’m proud to announce of the release of my latest exhibition “Extinction, Evolve?” 

click here Extinction, Evolve to view the showbombing of my work. With the official exhibition gallery to come!


You know your a Sideline Daddy when….


Sideline Daddy by Warren Stokes

 You abuse the referees: This is one area where Sideline Daddies really act a fool! Regardless of the fact that without them you have no game, Sideline Daddies treat these volunteers like the scum of the earth.

Regardless of the fact that their kids are not pros in the NFL, NHL, NBA, or MLB  parents scream at, cuss out and on occasion threaten to “beat the referee’s ass after the game.”  I feel that this has 3 major impacts on our kids. First it teaches them to make excuses rather than to deal with “the call or no call.”  It shows the youth that they shouldn’t respect authority. The game is ruled by the refs so bottom line they need to be respected.  Finally the refs are human, if you don’t think its easier for them to see more stuff on your players team after you cuss and threaten them then your naive.

At the end of the day a ref has never reversed a call because of the parents complaining so leave them alone. Don’t be a Sideline Daddy!

You know your a Sideline Daddy when….

Sideline Daddy by Warren Stokes

When your embarrassed by your player performance or the score! Ooh the excuses that come out of Sideline Daddies mouths when their player is not good or struggling at sports. Sideline Daddy shows no shame in talking about “what their player should have done.” Have you ever noticed how fast they get to the car?

Don’t be a Sideline Daddy!


You know your a Sideline Daddy when….

Sideline Daddy by Warren Stokes

Push your kids to hard: The youth may have the goal to make the pros but until they get older let them relax.  Not only does pushing them too hard take the fun out of sports, it can also be dangerous to your player if you don’t know what you’re doing.

The NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB only accept men so your boys have plenty of time to have fun playing sports. Don’t be a Sideline Daddy!