You know your a Sideline Daddy….

Sideline Daddy by Warren Stokes

You know your a Sideline Daddy when you make the game all about you and your sideline daddy issues.


You know your a Sideline Daddy if….

Sideline Daddy 

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Coaching from the sidelines! You brought them in this world, feed them, shelter them, love them and support them financially right!!! It doesn’t matter if you’ve played the game or not its not only your parental duty but also your financial right and duty to coach your kids.


Besides the fact kids forget all the time to hustle, position, how to play d, etc.  Its your roll to remind them.  Weather you played the game or not, a minor pro to the weekend Joe don’t let lack of experience, other parents or the referees stop you from coaching your child.

Don’t be a Sideline Daddy!!!

Are you a Sideline Daddy?

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For all those parents like me amped for the upcoming youth sports seasons I have a reminder! Don’t be a Sideline Daddy!!! You know who I’m talking about!!! The Dad that could have been a pro if it wasn’t for the injury. The father that knows better than the coach. Or Mom who cusses at the referees. You know the that guy that your about to spend the next several Saturday mornings trying to ignore when he says something about your child.

Admittedly I’m that guy! Or a recovering Sideline Daddy that hasn’t been kicked out of a kids game in years! This comic is based upon my experiences as an athlete, coach, spectator/fan, and parent.  To get ready for the upcoming youth football, soccer, cross country, and softball seasons I will be sharing my comic Sideline Daddy the next few weeks to inspire us all to have a better season cheering for our kids. Please share your Sideline daddy stories!

With that said please share your stories of Sideline Daddies in your area! And of-course Don’t Be a Sideline Daddy