Inktober #8 Star I am Not a Nigger

Inktober #8 Star by Warren Stokes

This piece was one of the hardest drawings I ever completed.  For those of you who know don’t know Im a substitute teacher.

Well the prompt was star and I drew a star in the middle. I was happily subbing a high school art class ironically and we were all working. A student was on the phone taking a call and I asked him to get off. He said he did but stayed on the phone.

When I asked him again he laid his head dead and ignored me. I tapped him on the shoulder and he screamed “Don’t touch me you dumb ass nigger.” I was blown away and wanted to put hand on him. I walked away, kicked him out (which actually took security because he refused to leave) and began to draw this.

I was angry and kinda of blacked out drawing this piece. I’m proud of this piece because it was what art was meant to do help heal! I can honestly say that the experience has made me question teaching. Wish me luck!


Westword Magazine Online Interview Artist Warren Stokes

Warren Stokes makes maze art.
Amanda Pampuro

Artist Warren Stokes Has ‘Mazing Back-to-School


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