Inktober #8 Star I am Not a Nigger

Inktober #8 Star by Warren Stokes

This piece was one of the hardest drawings I ever completed.  For those of you who know don’t know Im a substitute teacher.

Well the prompt was star and I drew a star in the middle. I was happily subbing a high school art class ironically and we were all working. A student was on the phone taking a call and I asked him to get off. He said he did but stayed on the phone.

When I asked him again he laid his head dead and ignored me. I tapped him on the shoulder and he screamed “Don’t touch me you dumb ass nigger.” I was blown away and wanted to put hand on him. I walked away, kicked him out (which actually took security because he refused to leave) and began to draw this.

I was angry and kinda of blacked out drawing this piece. I’m proud of this piece because it was what art was meant to do help heal! I can honestly say that the experience has made me question teaching. Wish me luck!


Mazing Motivation

Maze 196 by Warren Stokes

Shout out goes to all the teachers and staff in DPS. May you get all the students that make class and life easier. Good luck in surviving another school year! May the final bell ring as fast as the first one Maze it out!


Mazing Motivation Safety in disrespect, assault and robbery?

2 Feet Away maze by Warren Stokes

Don’t fear the future when purpose is present!

I’m a very active person so staying off my feet has been impossible. I started a 4×4 painting yesterday (ironically the same frame that I injured my leg on.)

With that I again searched for answers to the timing of my injury when I was launching a project Monday?

I came across the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse that happens today. And I’m not getting into the end of the world but people say it’s a time to reflect and let go of things that don’t suit you.

I immediately figured it out my views on safety!!!! This is my second attempt at being a full time artist. I GAVE up two years ago and became a substitute teacher.

My plan this time was to substitute teach part time until the finances are safe. But at what cost?

I love teaching and prefer it over any other working for others job I could have. But in a total of 3 years I’ve been assulted by a teacher /molester, had two students put hands on me, been robbed of thousands in pay, robbed by a janitor, and disrespected verbally daily by kids. All the while my employer refused to take my complaints in all instances.

I wrote only half the list of bullshit that proves I need to let go of all my self doubt, stop torturing myself, and full fill my purpose! Thinking about being cussed out by another child or assulted by staff or robbed by the boss is motivation enough to succeed by any means necessary!